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Masoomeh Taghipoor; Guy Barles; Christine Georgelin; Jean-René Licois; Philippe Lescoat
Mathematical Homogenization in the Modelling of Digestion in the Small Intestine
MathS In Action, 6 no. 1 (2013), p. 1-19, doi: 10.5802/msia.7
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Class. Math.: 92A09, 35B27, 34C29, 49L25
Keywords: Digestion in the small intestine, peristalsis, intestinal villi, homogenization, viscosity solutions

Résumé - Abstract

Digestion in the small intestine is the result of complex mechanical and biological phenomena which can be modelled at different scales. In a previous article, we introduced a system of ordinary differential equations for describing the transport and degradation-absorption processes during the digestion. The present article sustains this simplified model by showing that it can be seen as a macroscopic version of more realistic models including biological phenomena at lower scales. In other words, our simplified model can be considered as a limit of more realistic ones by averaging-homogenization methods on biological processes representation.


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